Miracle on 34th (Ave) Part I: Lightning Strikes

In some ways this blog starts at the end. Not the end, end, (hopefully there is much more of life to come) but definitely the end of a significant time in the existence of Ken and Jen as a couple. If I were to break our lives into chapters I would refer to this last installment as Chapter 2: Invasion of the Little People. Chapter One would most likely be titled In Sickness and in Health but that will have to wait for another blog entry (or entries). And to make matters worse, I’ve starting Chapter 2 near the end. I like to think of it as a cutting edge literary style, but most likely it’s just bad writing. But life will sometimes dictate what we write and when, and such is the case here. After all, it’s hard not to begin with the (somewhat dramatic) birth of your first child.

The end of chapter two began last year, even before we discovered that the highly unlikely had happened and we had somehow become pregnant. This, of course, sets up a whole other blog entry on our dealing with infertility, but is sufficient to say we never expected that we would get the chance to bring a child of our own into the world. The chances were about the same as being struck by lightning.

This event alone would be worthy of at least a few dozen literary superlatives, but it was preceded by possibly the craziest year Jen and I have ever experienced. It started back in February 2008 when we suddenly found ourselves, after four years of foster parenting, quite suddenly taking care of five children (another long story that will get it’s own blog entry one day). It was in the midst of this rather eventful period of our lives that God decided it would be a great time to finally allow us to get pregnant.

Now you would think that a couple that had tried for six years to get pregnant would be crying with joy, weeping at the miracle that had just occurred and at the wonder of God’s grace. But the truth is, we did more laughing than crying. We laughed at the timing of it all. I mean, come on, five kids in the house and this is a good time to bestow us with this gift?? We always suspected that the Lord has a sense of humour, and now we had proof (I will leave it to the theologians to discuss the veracity of that last statement). But while the laughter was indeed mitigated by the circumstances surrounding us, it was also laughter of deep wonder and gratitude to God for giving us this chance.

From there the story progresses fairly normally. The pregnancy for the most part proceeded well, and by October we were down to a more manageable three children in the house. It was that same month we discovered a little girl was developing in Jen’s womb, and at that point we gave her a name: Claire Marie. January came, and Jen started showing signs of perhaps giving birth a little earlier than the 40 weeks prep time typically alloted. As 37 weeks was the magic number given by our midwives (pass that and everything should be ok), Jen did her best to have the baby hold on. We made it through 37 and were two days shy of 38 when Claire gave some definite signs she was unwilling to wait any longer…

What will happen next? Will Claire change her mind? Does a brief look at the state of the economy scare her into waiting? Will Jen’s mom arrive before the baby is born? Does Jen make it to hospital on time? Can Ken avoid complete a complete collapse into hysterical panic? Does baby Claire’s arrival into the world explain the sudden positive change in the fortunes of the Vancouver Canucks, who mysteriously turnaround coincides directly with her birth? Will those same Canucks make the playoffs, and if so, can they get into the second round? Look to the next blog entry for answers to these questions and more.

Part II: Miracle on 34th Ave – The Baby Cometh

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