Ken's First Ride

Sean, Claire, Sabrina, Jen, Savannah & Ken (c) Brooka Photographic June 2011

We are SO excited to actually KNOW that THIS WEDNESDAY (June 29) is the day OUR children can begin using McALLISTER as their family name!  THIS WEDNESDAY! Ken’s 44th Birthday.  The kids’ last day of school.  Sabrina’s last day of Elementary school (starting High School in September)! Huge celebrating going on in our home this week!

I want to thank ALL of you for your support. Your love. Your sincere acceptance of ALL our foster children through the years, but most especially SEAN, SAVANNAH and SABRINA whom you have treated as your OWN nieces and nephew, your OWN cousins, your OWN grandchildren.  THANK YOU.  This has NOT been an easy road for us.  It has been an emotional struggle between wanting the best for them, and wanting easy for us.  Wanting the hinderances to disappear (instead of the challenges making us stronger and maybe more compassionate?).  The hard decisions, the ones where wisdom, perseverance and patience was needed (and still is).

You have witnessed the craziness and chaos.  The struggles.  The overwhelming soap-opera-ness of some of the months (years) of our lives.

You have also witnessed the MIRACLES, the RESILIENCE, the PERSEVERANCE, the HOPE.  The years have gone by with fewer sleepless nights than most because of sheer exhaustion, and with much desiring that “this” would be over soon.  You have also seen the fear of no longer having a pretty sizeable income to depend on, or the uncertainty of diagnoses and what that could mean for our futures.  For the children’s futures.

You have supported us through weeks of wondering about virtual homelessness with four kids, searching for a place to live.  And paying double rents when we found the PERFECT home that answered every prayer we had (and still does).  You have supported us between broken pelvis and ribs.  Sickness.  Childbirth.  Dog bites.  Concussions.  Moving TWICE in one year.

You always see the best in the children and continually remind me that they ARE AMAZING, even though sometimes I wish they would just pick up after themselves.  And you pray for us. For strength.  For wisdom.  For patience (I know someone is – because it’s constantly being tested).  For grace.

And you offer support – meals, child minding, overnights.  Playtime with the kids.  Driving around on days I “just can’t do it.”  And loads of coffee, wine and amazing gluten free treats for Claire and I.

I love you.  WE love you. We could not and would not be at THIS POINT without you.  And as the tears start to trickle out of the corners of my eyes, I want you to know that I wish every single one of you could be here to witness us signing the adoption papers.  And I lift a glass to you (actually, tonight it’s a hard cider) in deep and sincere gratitude for your faithfulness.  It hasn’t been easy on you.  I know you have had your doubts – yet you fell in love with the kids as much as we did.

So come and write a note in the guestbook.  Please. If you can’t, send a letter (the strike is over).  Leave a comment here.  Send us an email.  Text me.  Tweet me.  Facebook me.  (or Ken).  YOU are our family.  The Body of Christ.  Our Brothers and Sisters (or brothers and sisters-in-law as it might be).  Our nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, Moms and Dads.  Thank you.  And please – celebrate with us, if not physically (we have burgers of all kinds and a few steaks for the bday boy) then virtually, literally, prayerfully.

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