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I’m not going to even BEGIN to tell you how crazy this summer has been, but it started with the last day of school, adoption paper signing party, and is ending with a limping, morning sick momma counting the hours until school starts (and wondering when back to school shopping will happen).

I’m just sitting up today at the computer. Yesterday I paid bills and filed some behind paperwork, today I’m wasting my day on Facebook and looking up recipes to share with a newly GF friend who is coming by tomorrow. But while I’m on-line AT A COMPUTER I thought I’d pop on and say HI!

First. September 15th I am going to join in with the Maximize your Morning #HelloMornings women and go for another round of twitter encouragement. Join me! PST 6:30am!!!

Second. I’m embracing Mommahood. Being pregnant (surprise for us, again) has felt like I’ve been forced into another 5 years of “self-sacrifice” – and I’m re-evaluating what Motherhood actually means – and whether it’s really a “sacrifice” or if I can actually embrace the JOY that it is. I keep looking around at this crazy messy house and feeling like I’m a horrible Momma. I walk into the messy kitchen and am not inspired to cook (morning sickness does not end at noon ) and feel like a horrible Momma. And then after saying 60000000000x in 300000000 different ways to stop/start doing something, I get a little, well, cranky. This must change. And when I wasn’t letting the nausea get the best of me (and getting up with my MYM partner to pray with her and encourage and be encouraged), I didn’t feel this way. SO I’m up for the challenge again. I will feel different about Motherhood. I will elate it to the career that it is, more important than any other job on the face of the earth! I will nurture my children (not hammer them into submission) and be a parent full of love and forgiveness, mercy and joy as God is with me.

Third. I will be a better steward with what we have been SO GRACIOUSLY given. Our total monthly income was cut IN HALF when the adoption placement began. Instead, we have received one HEFTY cheque (enough to pay off a debt) and various other unexpected monies to bless our shortfalls each month. I will not waste these gifts by being frivolous. I will be a better steward, a “frugal” Momma.

SO, today after the kids finish watching their current favorite movie, Ratatouille, we are going to make it for dinner (all with produce from our CSA this week). They don’t like any of the things IN the dish, but I’m hoping their involvement (and a lot of cheese) will negate that effect. Step one in INCLUDING the children in LIVING JOYFULLY instead of kicking them out of MY kitchen. Letting go of control.

It’s all in God’s hands anyway. If worse comes to worse, I’ll make noodles and pull out a back up jar of Classico!

Inspired To Action Button

I would love for you to JOIN ME in The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge! I have requested to be in the 6:30 am group PST. You don’t have to be in that group – they have them all morning long – but let me know and I’ll “follow” you! I especially invite my local buddies to join in for encouragement! It’s about waking up FOR our families, not TO them! Be blessed!

My Twitter name is @scatteredgraces when you sign up look me up!

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