Symphysis Instability

Wow. This has not been the way parenting was imagined on my part. I didn’t ever expect that after adopting three amazing kids, I’d fracture my hip, get pregnant AND THEN tear ligaments and cartilage in my pelvic girdle.

Do you know how important your pelvis is? It’s a group of bones that are held together via the sacroiliac joints (in your lower back) and the pubic symphysis in, well, the front. The symphysis is usually a millimeter wide, but during pregnancy stretches to about a centimeter! Amazing bodies eh?

Well, I am a PITA and fractured the pelvis close to the symphysis after Claire was born. That trauma added to instability from the hip injury and the relaxin from the pregnancy added lots of extra issues in the pelvic girdle.

The grinding of the pubic symphysis bones (yes, I could FEEL it) added extra stress to my sacroiliac joints and they got out of whack. Then, after Tonya got those sorted out I went and TORE the ligaments/cartilage in the symphysis. And, if you do any looking on the Internet, it’s not an easy or speedy recovery.

And I’m growing a baby. The pelvic girdle supports all of your upper body and keeps your lower body working. And, that girdle, although it expands to support a pregnant belly, has to have ligaments ATTACHED to the bones to do so.

At least, this far into my injury, what I understand. And the prognosis is good, just long, painful, boring bedridden recovery.

That is the nature of why I am here (in bed) unable to go down stairs let alone clean house, make dinner, go grocery shopping, play silly games with my children.

The diagnosis is just sinking in. And I am going to do my best to rely on Abba for peace, and find a way to bless my family in this state. Being the mom of 4 (+1) kids was NOT supposed to mean I was mommy-ing from bed on narcotics!

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