Amidst Great Beauty

My sweet husband is a photographer. He thinks he’s pretty amateur, but I think he’s absolutely fantastic. So do people who judge contests. Sometimes the photographs are like postcards, they capture the beauty of our surroundings, the technological, the architectural, the natural. Twinkling lights, the way the sun hits a window in the winter, or hits a gulls wings as it flies into a sunset. It is a gift to capture the moments, to be able to relish them for the future, to savor the grace, the beauty, the “big picture” when sometimes all we see is what is right in front of us. And then, seeing what is right in front of us and seeing it’s beauty, how the hardness or tangles actually are strength enduring. I love our Apple TV, because when we are just listening to the radio, or haven’t picked out something to watch on Netflix yet, these pictures (and hundreds and hundreds of others) grace our family room. People come over to chat, and they spend the whole time staring at the silent tv, asking about the photos of the kids, the majesty of the mountains, the simplicity of the flowers. They are blessed with Ken’s gift, and I’d love for you to be too.

These are a brief glimpse of some of what he thinks are his “best” photographs (there are a LOT that are missing, IMHO, but maybe those he’s saving just for me). I hope you can take a moment to be blessed with some of his images!


This particular photo was included in a book that Canada Post gave to William and Kate when they visited Canada this summer:

Vancouver's Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour, Vancouver

This was the one we THOUGHT they chose, Vancouver is really quite lovely:

Nature Meets the City

Nature Meets the City (Stanley Park meets Downtown Vancouver)

And then, the fun pictures he takes of the kids:

Spring Petals

Spring Petals

Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow

Braving the Elements (Tofino, British Columbia)

Braving the Elements (Tofino, BC)



Our holiday to Oregon with my family (where we found out that my pants getting hard to button wasn’t because I was eating too much chocolate):

Yaquina Bay Bridge (Newport, Oregon)

Yaquina Bay Bridge (Newport, Oregon)

Captivated by Technology

Seal Rocks (Oregon)

Seal Rocks (Oregon)


Some of the photos he had at the PhotoHaus Gallery last month:

The Hotel Vancouver

The Hotel Vancouver

False Creek East Wide View

False Creek, East Wide View

Lion's Gate Bridge (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Lion's Gate Bridge (Vancouver, BC)

If you want to see more of his amazing eye, check out his website. If you want some of his photos (to download for a calendar or to frame) he is offering YOU a discount just use the coupon code “scatteredgraces” when you check out for 20% off any/all purchases. There ARE things downloadable for just $3.  Let him know he has a great eye. He’s been so busy with our kids, with my injury (and uselessness) I would love for him to get some more movement on his hobby as an encouragement to him! And thank you all who submitted your votes via last weeks poll (most of you replied to me via facebook, Athabasca won).

And finally, when you peruse his site, see if there are any photos that would be an appropriate header for me.  I’d love your input as I “take charge” of this blog and start it’s restructure (even though Ken will be doing all the work). Are there any images that, in particular, draw you into the grace of God? Sunsets? Children playing in leaves? Running in the wind? Waterfalls, vineyards, bridges? Come back here and let me know what you liked (and give him a thumbs up too!).

Thanks for taking the time to “enjoy” the beauty around you. I am grateful to have a husband who takes the time to capture it so I can look back and treasure the memories, and the moments.

Soak it in. Look at the beauty inside your home, outside your window, on the way to work. Think of them as photographs of the blessings God IS giving you EVERY day. Treasure them. Be grateful for them.

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