Proud Mommy Moment

The big drawback to being stuck in this bed (and being unable to sit) is missing exciting goings-on at the rinks:

This past Wednesday, Sabrina had a simulation for her first upcoming competition (she performs on Sunday, November 27 @2:00 pm) here is a (not yet high quality image) of one of her little jumps:


Let me know if you would like to see her figure skating, we’ll get some tickets for you!
There are AMAZING skaters in this competition, it would be
a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (hint, hint).
The competition begins on Friday and runs through Sunday.


Today was a BIG day for Sean-o-boy!


(and it was a SWEET goal according to his dad)!
This is him rushing onto the ice for his first shift after being a goal-maker:

Now a Goal Maker



AND, this “Hard Hat” is the equivalent of the 1st star in an NHL game

HARDest worker award!

HARDest Worker HAT

I think our little man has found his calling (for the time being anyway).

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  1. Beautiful shots and oh I wish I could go see the Ice skating Makena was asking why I was putting it back on the t.v. Again the other day (it was a differant guy sheesh lol).
    Makena says “Cool” and “ahh” respectivley

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