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It’s not going to happen this year. I had grand plans, but my single “non-doctor related venture out” in the last 2-1/2 months was last night, and I’m destined to be in bed for the rest of this week to prepare for Christmas Eve. SO, if you were expecting a beautiful Christmas Card from us this year, I am going to have to disappoint you. As I’ve told my beloved “Double Doubles,” maybe sometimes in June 2012 you’ll receive a combination “birth announcement/holiday/child dedication invitation” card. Their consensus was I just needed to send an email. I love them.

I did write a little “book” (single page folded into a book) but without actual printing press capabilities from my bed, the photos I wanted to include just didn’t work properly.

So here is my Christmas letter for you:


Journey to Bethlehem

This year has been a beautiful year of extravagant celebrations far outnumbering the challenges that we have endured. The challenges that cause us to realize Who is in charge of Creation, and of our lives. The rejoicing in adoption (of us as Children of God and our children as OUR children).

The rejoicing in life (positive pregnancy test, a lifeguard in just the right place at just the right time). Healing of broken bodies, of broken spirits, and continual softening of scars that remind us what we have faced, who (and Who) helps us through, and that we have strength unparalleled because of Christ Jesus.

Through this Advent season we have come across a few people whom God chose and to whom He gave new names, what a privilege to be part of a process where being chosen brings a fresh start, a new name, promise of New Life. As Sarai, Abram and Jacob had their names changed when they were chosen to become parents of a nation –

so also our children were given new names:

Sabrina Grace
Sean Alexander
Savannah Hope

when they received our name!

May you be blessed with the knowledge that you are chosenloved and adopted into a Holy family, that you can be softenedhealed and changed. You are full of strength and you will endure the unendurable and you WILL celebrate extravagantly!

After He called them by name,
He set them on a solid basis with Himself.
And then, after getting them established,
He stayed with them to the end,
gloriously completing what He had begun.
-The Message, Romans 8:30

Merry Christmas!

Ken & Jen
Sabrina, Sean, Savannah, Claire & Baby

Ken's First Ride

(c) Brooka Photographic



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  1. Hi Jen and Ken and family, I love this Christmas card. Guess what, I am not bedbound and don’t have Christmas cards anywhere near ready to send. You are doing just fine. What a prescious family. Bless you all.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy Peaceful Successful New Year!
    Love Aunt Barb

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