I take it ALL back

Last week there were no Xs on my son’s seat work coming home.

There were no notes in his planner about pushing or shoving or missing books.

He told me his teacher let him choose a CHAPTER book to read during silent reading (he was ecstatic).

And yesterday, the teacher sent home a much FULLER version of this:

Gift of Love

A Miracle of Christmas

The children SANG “IT HAS THREE LAYERS MOMMA!” with their mouths full of espresso shortbread dipped in chocolate (my favorite cookie to make).

This note was inside:

Dear Sean and Family,

May your home be filled
with that warm and happy
holiday spirit!

Merry Christmas

Hope the holidays bring you everything wonderful! 

Hope you enjoy this holiday baking.
Jen, I know you must be frustrated by bed rest,
so this little contribution is heartfelt.

I am humbled. Deeply. She has bridged the gap of caring that I was not able to do. I don’t know what her faith is, but her actions were compassionate and full of forgiveness. And, have made my heart so full of gratitude.

I think, of all the things I’m hating about bed rest, is the inability to bake for the holidays is the worst. This box had at least 6 dozen cookies inside of it, at least 8 different kinds of cookies. My children (and husband) are delighted (as am I). My favorite thing about holiday get-togethers is making a bunch of new recipes and a bunch of “classic” recipes. And this year, I haven’t even looked at the cookbooks because it was too “hard.”

And this teacher somehow knew that what I hated the most about “missing” the holidays was not the shopping, or decorating – but the baking – and did it for me. [insert tears of joy here]

THANK YOU TERESA. I am VERY blessed to have your forgiveness and compassion. I DO know that you are doing what is right for your classroom. I DO know that. My pregnancy-induced hormonal emotions, my broken heart for a child who doesn’t “get” everything, and frustration that I cannot do more to help him “get” it was all directed towards you, and your gift sincerely showed me that you DO CARE and ARE doing more than could possibly be asked with all the students in your class. I am still going to push for more SEA time, not only for my son’s sake, but also for yours.

Thank you for your gift. There could not have been a better gift given to me this season*. Thank you.

 *well, of course, the gift of life in Jesus Christ, but you know what I mean. In some ways I really REALLY feel that this gift really was a gift of Christ – and I am lightened and joyful because of it.

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  1. So I wrote a short note of thanks in Sean’s planner on Monday night. I didn’t have the words to express how much it meant, and said so.

    She wrote back “Send it back next week for a refill.”


    • It has been a lot better. I am grateful to not feel like I’m having to “fight” for him (and the professionals can do that better than I). We are both trying to do what we see as best for my little man, and he’s a huge sweetheart, with a very sensitive nature. I need to be more consistent in praying for my children – and to be an EXAMPLE of “gentleness” – things like “In your anger do not sin” or “a gentle answer turns away wrath.”

  2. Oh my, the teacher just called and asked me to please drop off the box this afternoon when Sean is picked up from school. I burst into tears thanking her for all she has done. I still haven’t apologized. I’m not good at asking for forgiveness. =( She wants the box back because tomorrow is the last day of school and she wants to refill the box for us tonight. She even offered to walk the children home from school to pick it up.

    More tears. And, she told me how focused and great he has been these last few weeks at school. Maybe I did just need to vent out my frustration to be not blinded by it? Thank you again Teresa. You ARE a saint.

  3. Just have to add ANOTHER gift! She stopped by earlier this week (Thursday?) and brought a beautifully wrapped plate of BUTTER TARTS for the family to enjoy – and I’m fairly certain that the crusts were handmade (they were gorgeous). Ken spent one evening taking bokah pictures of the treats. He hasn’t published them, but I’ll get a few images to share here so you can see how BEAUTIFUL they were (almost to beautiful to eat – although they had to be well hidden to not all disappear that first day).

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