This is not a blog post of any importance. Really.

Just that something “broke” and until Dear Husband has a “break” from a 40+hr/wk job (with presentations to the cabinet and staff/faculty this week) 4 kids, too many ice rinks and a sick wife with too many appts (and a darn rat in the garage) – it might not get “un-broken” very quickly. SO, we are lacking our beautiful pictures by my sisters-in-law of my children, or the scenery (and kid) photos by Dear Husband himself. No links to my favourite sites, blogs, inspirational people, tweets…etc

But the “content” is here. And really, I’m NOT a photographer, I’m a rambler – and that is all I REALLY have to offer anyway. I just wanted to give you a warning if you were looking for the usual set up – it broke suddenly and created a little frustration in me today. I even had to call Dear Husband because I couldn’t figure out how to login to just let you know…

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