Thanksgiving 127-154

I have obviously lost track of the weeks. I can’t even tell you how many weeks I’ve been in bed at this point, I’ve been either overly medicated or in overt pain – and today I decided I could NO LONGER wait to share some of the amazing blessings over the last few weeks. The things that bring a smile to my heart although my pain is continuing to increase…

SO, here we go:

127) Making it to week 34 with a lively baby still inside my womb. All my children still alive (they haven’t run each other out in the street yet) and Dear Husband hasn’t yet had a nervous breakdown.

128) We are around week 20 of having my mother-in-love and a sister-friend-cousin-in-love here taking care of the children and the house, and both are still coming back and plan to until I can walk.

129) That we have been provided the financial resources to provide some renumeration (albeit not as handsomely as I’d like to be able to) for services for our children and homemaking.

130) That people from church are STILL coming out of the woodwork to spend a few hours tending to the children, cleaning, shopping. Including Jen who picks up a couple bags of gluten-free goodies for us from Trader Joe’s when she crosses the border.

131) That Sarah drops off a box like this every week full of prepped produce for lunches, cooking…to save Dear Husband precious time.

A sample of the prepped produce we've been receiving

132) That my mother-in-love makes enough food for two days when she is here and preps food for the weekends so that Dear Husband doesn’t get overwhelmed thinking about all the meals and all the kids. Including the cream of broccoli soup I just had. Mmm.

133) That sister-friend-cousin-in-love makes the nummiest bean and cheese burritos (even with rice tortillas) that I ask for almost every day.

134) For suppositories. I know that it’s disgusting to say, but I am grateful that they exist (for when the beans and prunes don’t work – problem with not being able to move around and having a mussed up pelvic floor).

135) That sister-friend-cousin-in-love laughed when Claire (3YO) puked all down her back, put on a too-small t-shirt to quickly open the door (to receive gift 131) and then changed my bedding after a second puking later. And is STILL willing to come back next week.

136) That my mother-in-love rocked my sick, feverish, pukey, freshly potty-trained but has diarrhea 3 year old all day – and still managed to do laundry, cook an abundance of veggies (and make me coleslaw). AND offered to take the kids for the weekend AGAIN!

137) That my sister-in-love had planned on coming to visit, but with a sickie in her family, decided to put it off until later so that we’d all get and stay healthy for when the baby comes (possibly very soon)!

138) Telephones. Voice Mail. Text Messaging (especially iMessage).

139) That my therapist calls me for appointments.

140) That our extended health plan covers visits with the naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapists and massage. AND they covered my crutches too.

141) I am SO grateful that we have a renowned NICU 30 minutes away.

142) Valentine’s day Chocolate (that restored my soul), flowers that brightened my room and the biggest heart shaped balloon ever (bigger than 3YO and 5YO together I think). Shiny, red, happy.


143) Packages in the mail.

144) That the aforementioned Sarah (131) offered AND picked up my middles to take them bowling after school yesterday. It gave Dear Husband a much needed break (after nights of being up with a sick 3YO) and they LOVED it.

145) That Sarah’s sister-in-love, Annette, offered to do baby shopping for me, found the CUTEST things in neutral newborn that are available, showed them to me, took them home and prepped them for baby, as a GIFT for us. For the baby. Aren’t the feet on the bunny ones CUTE? and the bee bum?

Gift of Newborn Clothes

146) That SPUD (who I have been using for organic/local grocery delivery for years and years) carries the gummies that Claire can have (that we’ve been using for potty training – but I keep eating). And when I remarked on twitter how much I appreciated the standing order feature (to prep for me being in hospital at some point in the next month), they blessed me by putting samples of diapers, baby food and soap in my bin!

Baby Blessing from SPUD Vancouver

147) Sean’s fabulous teacher emailed me on Valentine’s Day to tell me how his swim lessons are going (yes, his school goes to the local pool for swim lessons!) and how attentive and enthusiastic he is about the water (and I’m thankful that he’s NOT scared of the water after Savannah’s incident last summer).

148) That Dear Husband is feeling UP to taking 4 children to Taste of the World (Regent College’s annual international pot-luck with entertainment) tonight and they are excited about it!

149) Dear Husband has brought me coffee in bed since we’ve been married. Now he brings me coffee, breakfast, snacks, tea, lunch, dinner and medicine in bed. And he doesn’t complain. He also brings chocolate, flowers and potato chips…

150) I am grateful for two afternoons of gabbing with Sabrina about school, boys and silliness. And especially thankful that she makes cookies.

151) I am excited for this baby to be born, I am feeling “more” prepared than I have (thanks to Annette’s shopping and mother-in-love’s prepping). My niece, Amelia, was born at 34 weeks last year (on Claire’s 2nd birthday) and she is a strong little girl. I’m not so scared for the baby anymore. And I’m much less scared of the surgery than I have been.

152) To see how God is bringing us through day-by-day, hour-by-hour to in reliance on Him, being blessed by Him through others’ acts of service, generosity and time – the joy that permeates from a grateful heart.

153) I am grateful that this time of “rest” is temporary. That I CAN look forward to walking without a walker/crutches/wheelchair in the near future (a few months). That I am not nursing an illness, I’m growing a LIFE, a SOUL, a baby! That although pain has been involved, it has never been the focus. The wee one who will SOON be in my arms is worth every bit of this time in bed with pain. The way God has used this time for me to reflect on parenting, joy, healing, thankfulness – rest – is something that I will always treasure. Something I would not have received had I not been surrounded by people advocating for me, loving me, and our family. I cannot wait to be able to “pay” this forward. So much love. So much love.

154) For Ahna’s manicure & pedicure last week that STILL look GOOD (another benefit of bed rest).

A gift of Time and Beauty that still looks great!


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An After Word

If you are interested in trying SPUD, check out their website. The referral code is CRVAN-MCAJEN which will save you $25 off over your first 4 deliveries. I adore them and am grateful for their grocery options year round, although in the summer much of our produce comes from a local farm CSA. If you do use the code I will receive a credit to my account, and the minimum delivery order is not very much. I am not sure if the referral code will work outside of the Lower Mainland, but they deliver in Seattle, a few cities in California, Victoria and Calgary!

They offer everything from toilet paper and baby diapers to flowers and chocolate, I get my laundry and dish soap, my grass fed beef and wild salmon, cage-free eggs and goat milk – as well as a new vendor supplying amazing gluten free baking. I can’t get all that goodness at one (let alone 3) stores. And I don’t have to load and unload kids, push them around, remember my reusable bags (they even take some recycling back in your bin for charity)!  Just recently they updated their website so it’s easier to order on your phone (which is quite handy when at 2:30 on a Thursday you realize you need toilet paper but don’t need any more carrots) AND you can change your order up until 3pm the day before your delivery. How easy is THAT!?

Seriously didn’t mean to try to sell you this, but I adore SPUD and don’t know what I would have done all these years with all these kids on special diets without them!

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