Thanksgiving Week 14

It’s been a month (or so) since I’ve counted publicly (my journal is currently missing, it never made it to the hospital, and my room was transformed into a master with nursery while I was gone thanks to my Parents and In-Laws – YES!).

Not that I haven’t been thankful. First I wanted to wait until I had the new computer. Or until I had pictures of the baby. Or good news regarding the baby…

But I was thankful. Just not a recorder of blessings. And I do WANT to record my blessings but I do…

…wish I was more agile so I could

capture the sounds of

…Cora Beth snoring with deep sighs in her sleep. #166

…Cora Beth snorTing as she attempts to latch (a little piggy for sure!). #167

…Claire Marie saying “I love my Baby Cora” before she begs to “carry” her. #168

…Sean encouraging his sisters to do what is right (even if it tends to be bossy). #169

…Sabrina laughing with Dear Husband. #170

…Savannah’s vivid dream recollections. #171

capture the images of

…the graceful patterns of my oldest daughters on the ice. #172

…the quick direction changes of my hockey-boy (before he slams someone into the boards). #173

…Claire Marie “wagging her tail” even if she is on the table at a restaurant. #174

…Sabrina smiling and NOT looking at her iPod. #175

…Cora Beth’s dark blue eyes looking for her Daddy (aka Dear Husband, Ken). #176

…sunshine through the clouds after a very rainy day. #177

…a positive bank balance. #178

Momma Jen's "Study"

Instead, here I am with no photos except of a sleeping baby with a milk covered face. And a messy house, and a bed COVERED in books (#179).I am VERY sore (my first day without hydromorphone in over 2 months) and really wanting soak in a bathtub for the rest of my life.

I am grateful for the role that pain relievers HAVE played in my life. #180

That Cora Beth, although has had some withdrawal reactions, never had to go in the NICU AND was able to come home the same day I was released from the hospital (4 days after her birth). #181

I am grateful that I still have a lot of help at home (#182), while I cannot drive and Dear Husband’s “work baby” (#183) is due to be born (go live) next Tuesday – and that help can run to the grocery store and buy gluten-free bread AND pick up my $5 Starbucks drink on a cold, rainy, wanna-stay-in-bed-forever day.

And, I am absolutely STOKED about my “Healing” book. For the amount of prayer support and personal encouragement I received regarding my “Let Down with Let-Down” post last week. Currently listening to a series of sermons a fellow #HMC1 sister-friend sent me via twitter – listening to “long-lost” Celtic (inspired) tunes on the iPod and praying through the shame. #184

This is the notebook I found at the Regent College Bookstore:

Healing Notes


And I’ve just started by putting in the Alphabet of Healing cards. Next part of the project is to write in the verses YOU sent and songs suggested – and I’ve yet to decide how I’m going to add the prayers/messages of encouragement you wrote for me (handwritten or printed out).

I’m grateful for my very own, FIRST study-Bible. Dear Husband has one somewhere downstairs but we did not own an English Standard Version AT ALL! I couldn’t believe it – after 11 years intimately connected as a student and spouse of a staff member at a theological graduate school, I’m still using my (currently 20 year old) Bible I bought when I graduated high school! It’s my “memory” Bible. It’s where I go when I want to find something that evokes a particular feeling – but I don’t study well in it – TOO MANY memories. (#186-7)

My High School Graduation Present to Myself

I LOVE Post-It notes. Post-It Labels. Post-It Flags. Post-Its. Period. #188

I get to eat dinner with my family (still working on getting around to making dinner). #189

My Valentine’s Balloon is still HIGH as the SKY! (according to Claire Marie) #190

When Claire sings to Cora Beth, the first song that comes to her mind is Amazing Grace. Especially sweet is how she belts out the line “Saved a wretch like me!” #191

I love my MacBook Air. So light, I can lay in bed with it on my belly and it NOT hurt. #192

Sleep. I really adore sleep. Sleep is/was a good thing for God to create. #193

That umbilical cords DO eventually fall off. #194

Perfect Belly

I am extremely grateful that I can do laundry again. Even the folding part! #195



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