A Lot on My Plate

early May

Since I last posted anything, I started 3 posts.


#196 I’ve been back in the hospital with an infection. But a few days of intravenous antibiotics kicked it to the curb – and I didn’t have to STAY in the hospital. #197 PLUS, a dear friend from church, Annette, came to watch the kids while Ken took me to the ER (AND she was blown away with how WELL the kids ate and went to bed!!!).

#198 Started physiotherapy. Discovered that 1. My pubic symphysis is stable, and 2. the intense shearing pain in my abdomen are nerve bundles – and the physiotherapist showed me how to find them (they really DO feel like taut wires spreading from my rib cage to my incision scar) and how to painfully release them. Some of my core muscles are able to start working now!!!

#199 Have a baby already starting to sleep 6 hours through the night.

Smiling at her sister

#200 And her baby acne is clearing up fantastically.

Screwed up the timing on account transfers from the USA bank account to the Canadian one and bounced a whole bunch of stuff. Currently in the USA and unable to put money into the Canadian account… I hate when that happens. I really want to “blame” the bank. But I was expecting certain payments to come in when they usually do, and “borrowed” against them. I really DO know better – but I guess it was time for a major reminder.  #201 The good news in all this – there IS a lot of money DUE to come in, including a massive tax return…

#202 Got my kids’ FIRST report card of the year. And although there were a few grades that should have been better, considering all that my kids have gone through this year – I’m as proud as a male peacock trying to gain the attention of a special peahen, yes, I’m strutting (and still trying to get the kids to work harder).

#203 Walked to pick up the kid’s from school TWICE!!!

The LEAST Messy Room in the house...

#204 Cleaned out the closet “under the stairs” where all the toys/books/ puzzles had been contained for the last 7 months before vacuuming could ensue. I meant to take pictures of the play area before it was straightened up, but I didn’t. It was so horrible. Now the kids have sanity again (and so do I).

#205 I’ve been able to go to Costco with my MIL pushing the cart (and kids) and spend way too much money (see above) restocking the pantry. It’s amazing after years of going 2-4x a month, how not going for 7 months feels. I really felt like there should have been a Welcome Home party for me!

#206 Gone grocery shopping with the four youngest ON MY OWN (well, not really on my own, they were there to help).

My grandmother had a stroke on Thursday. She is 94, has alzheimer’s disease and the last time I saw her, she was streaking through the house on Christmas Eve. She has unfortunately never met any of my kids (my middles had just went back to home to live with their mom RIGHT before Christmas that year). I haven’t been back home since last spring, so this offered me an opportunity to go home. See my family. See the ruins of my brother’s house (which is where my grandmother lived most of my life). See my brother’s new house. #207 Be with my mom on Mother’s Day for the first time in 12 years.

Ken wasn’t ready for me to drive, so he decided that we were ALL going to go as a family. Kids were sad to miss their friends, but glad to travel…except that we discovered, at the border, that although Sabrina has a Visa to enter the US that doesn’t expire until she’s like 19, her travel document (that took us 3 years to acquire) expires ON MOTHER’S DAY. SO disappointed. #208 BUT, the customs official was very awesome and let us know exactly how close we could push it.

And, although the transmission on our van died 200 miles from our destination…

  • we were stopping to feed Cora Beth, get coffee, stretch our legs, fill up the tank in a decent sized town with hotels & coffee just off the exit. #209
  • a state trooper helped us get to the nearest gas station, gave us telephone numbers for “the best” mechanics in the town, and was super kind (and the kids thought it was SO cool). #210
  • the guy at the gas station was so kind, he said if he’d a room, he’d give it to us for free, and let us leave our van there until we can figure out where to take it today. #211
  • A local hotel has a family suite, where we ALL could stay in one room. Not only that, they gave us a very good rate AND fed us breakfast – FRESH BELGIAN WAFFLES. Breakfast being provided for a family of 7 is probably worth what we paid for the room. AND their check-out isn’t until noon, so we have time to figure out what to do. #212
  • a young man filling up his truck with gas offered to take our luggage and half of us to the hotel (across the 4 lane road). #213
  • My dad is on his way to get us with my brother’s family van. Although it only has room for 7, Dear Husband has to deal with the van anyway – AND for $25 he can get from here to a place to get a ride with other family today. Significantly cheaper than trying to rent a car one way from here. AND he was able to find and book a minivan to get us home already. #214
  • When Dear Husband emailed work to ask for prayer, they took up a little collection that will pay for our rental car and our hotel stay. THANK YOU REGENT COLLEGE! Thank you. #215
  • And it was SUPER warm last night, at 10:30 we could be out in the parking lot (even with an 8 week old) without jackets. #216
Please continue to pray for us that we keep looking at the grace of God in this challenge, have wisdom in what we should do, and peace. Papa John is now here entertaining the kidlets with a spinning chair while Dear Husband is emptying the van…

#217 A dinner night out with Dear Husband, photo above…

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