Challenging Myself

Here are a few of the things I’m using this month to keep me focused on things ABOVE and not on myself or things of the world (or, more aptly, how I imagine the world “focuses” on things about me).


Having a Martha House the Mary Way

First, I bought Sarah Mae’s 31 Days to Clean last fall, right before my injury. I kept thinking I would start it at the beginning of the “next” month. But I never did. Then last week she said she was going to do a reboot (she’s rewriting the ebook into a book-book) and having a few hundred other women jump in to start “Having a Martha house the Mary way” is a good bit of accountability. Don’t know how I’ll check in with this, but here are some “before shots” of my house…and the laundry pile was MUCH bigger at the beginning of the weekend…and the office shots – well, let’s just say it’s been this way for months. FORTUNATELY, a blessed friend is lending me her baby swing, so I may get more work done while baby is in the swing. Unfortunately, she is sleeping on my lap right now and this would be a good time for me to get going on the laundry…

Not as bad as it could be

Don't know WHAT happened here...

This has been picked through for underwear and socks all weekend

This is the nightmare



Another of the Momma Bloggers has put together some remarkable Bible Studies and although I have not been faithful in getting up every morning to do it, I am really REALLY blessed when I do. Currently I’m in week 2 (although I should be on week 4) but I’m just pretending that I’m really savouring the words – lectio divina and all. Katie Orr is remarkable, and she also just released another Focused 15 study on key passages in I Peter (it is actually in my printer right now) that I’ll start in July. What? You don’t believe it’s in my printer? I printed it out last weekend – and it’s still there, here, I’ll spin around in the office chair (see the pic?) and take a close-er-up picture of what is in the printer:

the Allume 1st Peter Bible Study for Summer


And as always, the crew at Hello Mornings, Patti who shows up on a lot of the blogs I read (Do Not Depart as well as her own and had this fantastic Ebenezer series this last month that she kept wanting me to link up to – but April and May were not very good writing months for me) and many others that I just don’t have time to link to, today. Ann Voskamp‘s simple beauty inspired me to put a tablecloth on my table last week (and for some reason I ironed the cloth napkins, it was a little soul soothing – until I steam-burned my ring finger). My Facebook friends and groups. My twitter friends. My real-life family and friends and acquaintances who I cannot wait to become friends with…


And a few of the people from my previous HMC groups (or previous MYM groups as they were then called)…

Especially sweet sister-friend Laura.


And Dear Husband. Who brought me a fresh Americano in bed before 7am this morning, arranged for a neighbour to walk the kids to school, and mixed up tuna last night so I wouldn’t have to fuss too much this morning getting everyone ready to walk the block to school (I am having increasing pain in my symphysis again). I don’t know what I’d do without your remarkable touch of love in my life. I love you. I am SO grateful for you. And even though you don’t understand the depression like you want to – how I don’t know what triggers it (I’m hoping it’s hormones) to go so deep and so strong – you faithfully pray for me, bring me chocolate (it banishes the dementors) and let me have snuggles with the baby and fall asleep early. I wish I could repay you…

i am right now drinking a cup of tea (even though I really wanted to make another cup of coffee) and i have finally eaten something – although i burned it 2x before i actually made something edible for Claire and I – and i do have a load of laundry in the wash. i am going to go give some more kisses to my girls (change diapers etc) and then see how far i get with that laundry today. oh, and Sarah’s challenge today is the master closet – something i DID do recently (like 2 weeks ago) but i have a rubbermaid container that is overflowing with hand-me-downs from Banana (Savannah) & Bear (Claire) for Cora Beth and it is in my closet…

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  1. FYI,

    I managed the first week of Sarah’s challenges. They were great! I was enthused. I was going strong. And then life got the best of me. There was NO time for me. And I haven’t started the 1 Peter study, yet. But I will. In a bit. When I can find it again. Thank you faithful friends who check in with me on twitter, via iMessage, Facebook, email, long rambling phone messages. I need your accountability. Your encouragement. Your faith that this is just a miserable season and that I will be stronger on the other side of it. Thank you.

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