I Fell Away Again – Madness in Mid May

On our way home from our journey, in the rental van,

  • the baby’s needs became more urgent and we had to stop way more often (and for longer) than we planned…
  • we stopped by the parking lot of the wrecking yard where our minivan was left for scrap…it looked very, very sad without it’s license plates, without us. Princess Savannah Banana Coco Cabana and I both cried, silently, in the rental van as we drove north.
  • and that is when we realized we may indeed get across the border in time for our eldest’s visa to be rendered on time (midnight) but that we needed to find a place to sleep – because after we crossed the border, we had 5 more hours of driving, through a mountain pass…
  • and then the “low tire” indicator light came on…

Flat Tire in Coulee City

  • just as we came into a town with virtually no 3G connection
  • BUT, it just so happened that there was a service station in the town
  • that was OPEN still (it was 8:30pm on a Sunday night)
  • that had FREE WI-FI
  • and whose clerk’s husband ran the local tire repair shop…
  • we were on the road in an hour.
  • an hour…we had, at that time, a 2.5 hour drive to the border, we were on a dummy tire (50mph max) and still had a baby wanting to nurse every 45 minutes – and it was already 9:45 when we left the little town…

Needless to say, we didn’t exactly get to the border on time. We got there at 12:15am. EXCEPT that we managed to get behind an oversized load waiting at the border, blocking all the entrances to the border … for 15 minutes.

House at the Border

Sometimes it really feels like the world is out to get us.

Except that (have I mentioned how much I LOVE social media?) I was tweeting our continuing adventure when we had 3G coverage (which wasn’t very often in the desert area we were going through) and it just so happened that a twitter friend (who came to visit me while I was in the hospital in March when she was in town for a “conference”) happens to live just on the other side of the border – I had asked her if she knew of any establishments that could take a family our size in the town (it’s a touristy area in the summer).  Instead, she opened up TWO guest suites (luxury guest suites complete with bottles of wine as gifts for guests) for our family FOR FREE. And, not only that, she stayed UP to wait for us to let us in (close to 1 am). And these were SWEET suites.

While Dear Husband took the rental van to a local tire establishment (no way we could drive through the passes, for 5 hours on a dummy tire) the kids and I played in the gardens and they drew pictures of the scenery (yes, it was THAT beautiful – and yes, we were staying in a winery). As it turns out, somehow we had driven over a razor blade that tore up the tire ALMOST to the point of not being fixable…but they were just able to fix it – and we had NO MORE PROBLEMS all the way home. Except a whole lot of red lights once we got back into our town.

Resting in the sunshine

Thank you Sandra & Big Wally’s & all of those who prayed for us as we made this journey.

My grandmother died late on Monday night (the night we got home). I got to see her one last time to say goodbye. Thank you.

And THANK YOU to Dear Husband’s co-workers at Regent College who generously gave to us…enough to pay for our hotel room, our rental van, and increase our down payment on a new-to-us car by $500. THANK YOU. We are struggling with knowing what to do (and it is quite difficult to find a minivan when only half of the family can fit into the car at a time). Trusting God is not going well for me.

My failure at saving. At saying NO to the kids (and then spending our savings on things that they WANT and then I end up having to toss because it gets ruined). And as I look back over the last couple weeks…

I realized that THIS is what I was missing:

Hello Mornings Revival

So, Hello Mornings, I’m going to try to be back with you. I am going to try to NOT let Cora Beth’s random wakings hold me back. I am going to seek PEACE first in the day, so that I can be full of grace, know that God is Good ALL THE TIME and maybe even find humour in the chaos… if I can’t find the “reason.”



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