Facing Memory – Day 25; Five Minute Friday – VOICE

It’s a “flash mob” of writers. Every Friday at 12:01am a few hundred (or is it closer to thousand?) women pop on over to Lisa-Jo’s page to find out what the word of the next 5 minutes will be.

No over thinking.

No editing.

No extreme planning and linking and photographing.

Just FIVE minutes of writing to see what comes out.

Five Minute Friday

This week the word is





The negative words on repeat crashing, echoing in my head. The one that says “idiot, klutz, b___”

The “Martha Stewart” voice as I look around at my cluttered home and pick up the floor for the first hour of EVERY morning.

The voice I prepare to respond to the banker as to why my account is overdrawn, or the landlord as to why the garden isn’t weeded, or to the kids as to why I don’t make cookies for them everyday like so-and-so’s momma.

I talk to myself. To keep myself on course (who hasn’t walked upstairs to get chapstick and suddenly found themselves decluttering a closet?); to keep myself from listening to the sadistic voice in my head, in my heart that tell me I’ll never measure up.


I won’t.

But I am no longer expected to measure up.

I don’t HAVE to be perfect. Yes, sin separates us – but HIS VOICE and HIS LOVE and HIS DEATH have rescued me from being “perfect.” I am made complete, perfected because of His love.

So why DON’T I choose to listen to HIS VOICE?

Do I still need to have control over every little thing? To measure up? To please someone?

I need to hear HIM. To dwell in his words of love.


As last week, I am forgoing a post on Facing Memory to participate in Five Minute Friday. I could have written more about having a lack of voice – as a child enduring sexual abuse, but I didn’t think I could do it in 5 minutes without bursting into tears.

So, instead, I’m gonna ask for you to pray for the children who have no voice. Not only the sexually exploited, abused, neglected children who live in our neighbourhoods. But the children around the world who have no voice in who they will marry, what they will eat, or drink, or wear. God loves them. He will give them what they need…

but are we doing all that we can, should, need to be doing? I know he has the power to do it without us. But maybe we need to do it to change ourselves?


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  1. Thanks God that we can focus on HIS VOICE. I pray that readers will hear that still small voice and will be healed and the lies they maybe listening to can be replaced by His truth and promises.

    Blessings. (From FMF).

    • I need to learn to quiet those voices in my head so I can really hear that still small voice. The one that speaks so strongly from my gut – the one that makes my heart sing.

      Why do I listen to the voices on the TV, in the magazines (or Pinterest) or even those from my past expectations (before 5 kids)? Instead of the One voice that matters? Or even 2 (Dear Husband is often the one who speaks Truth to me – but too often I disregard him because he’s biased…shame).

      Obedience. Geesh. Will I ever get to that point?

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