Getting Organized…

Anyone else planning on starting fresh this year? New calendars, new storage totes for the Christmas stuff in the garage/attic, new budget to “solve all our financial woes”?

It’s on-going isn’t it?

Well, a few things I’m going to try to do differently this year…

I’m going to let other people invent the wheel (and I’ll tweak it).

The first thing I’m doing?

Kayse Pratt has written for us (and prepped for us) a quick and easy way to start getting our lives in order. She has a stack of darn cute printables that I’ve already printed out and was so stoked that they already matched my current binder system…

I totally imagine, as I read her ebook, that she’s showing JUST me how she built her home management notebook. I imagine the kids interrupting us and someone getting up to change a diaper or make another pot of coffee. She is down to earth, easy to read (like, less than an hour to get all psyched up and ready to organize) and the printables are AWESOME. She even includes a budget worksheet that is inspired by Dave Ramsey. So I’m well on my way (right? getting organized is half the battle? no? oh. shoot.)

From helping you get all the vital information at your fingertips, to helping you plan meals for a month (along with that budget-o-thingy-mc-bobber), Kayse has got it ready for you to make your mark. Easy, schmeazy.

As well, she is running a RAFFLECOPTER! You know what that means? You go to the link below, enter the pertinent information and in return, if you are the lucky winner…

Kayse will customize a set of printables JUST FOR YOU (you choose the fonts and colours – so if your go-to-binder doesn’t match hers as perfectly as mine does).

So, what are you waiting for?


*and yes, I received an advanced copy of her ebook so I could share it with you – although, as always, I’m waiting until the last minute to “Get it Together.” So, wanna race? On your mark, get set, GO!

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