I wanted to go “build-a-house” in Mexico when I was young. I wanted to go because “all my friends” were going. I knew that it was going to be bigger than me, that I would get to know God in a new way, that I would have to learn to lean on him.

But I never got to go.

• • •

Now I have a teenager whose friends are going to Mexico for spring break. I am ecstatic that my teenager wants to go to Mexico to build a house for a family. A multi-generational family – living in less than a shed. It is a home, mind you. But there are EIGHT of them living in the video above. EIGHT.

I’ve asked my family to not buy me jewelry for my birthday (it’s a traditional gift for the woman turning 40 in our family). Instead, I’ve asked that they give that money towards the build in Mexico. I want them to invest in the most precious jewel, the heart of my daughter. I want her to experience giving wholly of herself – from love, through Jesus’ strength – the blessing that comes from giving all you have. From being terrified – and still stepping forward. To working as a team with her friends (and yet to be friends). Not just the youth in our fellowship – but the adults, the children, the grandparents, the babies, the pastor, the youth leaders, the musicians, the nursing mommas…

I want her to experience the joy of giving to someone who cannot repay her.

• • •

And now we are just 5 sleeps until my eldest flies off for her first mission trip.

I’m panicking.

Money is all paid. Extra funds were donated for the family.

Just little details to work out. Packing. Etc.

I received a necklace from my sisters-in-law. Forty “beads” made of $5 bills, with a gem of a $100. To go towards hotel and flight, registration and the house. From donations made in my daughter’s name, to cheques and paypal transfers, we received OVER $1000 for this trip.

I am blown away.

I am so grateful for all the love you have given. For the jewel in my daughter’s heart. Please continue to pray for this adventure. For safety. For heart. For life.

And thank you.

so. very. much.

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