Fanning the Flame: Hospitality

Tonight, as I was taking my mostly-daily-after-dinner-walk, I was praying about hospitality, about love, about fanning the flame.

And I saw these stumps.

A Hospitable Stump

Born Again

Teeming with ReNEWed Life

Teeming with ReNEWed Life

Broken? Offer what you have.

See how they are mostly dead? See how they don’t seem to have anything to offer – except a place for someone else to take root?

We don’t have to have it all together to offer hospitality. All we have to do is offer our broken selves, the pieces that are still rooted in faith, in Jesus, in truth. Then people will come to us and in our offering of ourselves, we are offering hospitality. A place for someone else to take root, to know truth, to seek the Son.

Bleeding Heart

Wild Rose Buds


My daily walk is about 3000 steps. I don’t talk. I don’t listen to music (usually). I listen to the chickadees and pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart.

If you want to join me on my silent walk, meet me at 28th & 148th on the overpass at 7pm on Wednesday. There are 3 requirements. You can’t listen to headphones (trust me, the birds are amazing), you have to listen to the Holy Spirit, and you have to pray for the “topic” of the week.

This week we are asking the Holy Spirit to fan the flame of the gift of HOSPITALITY and the fruit of LOVE in our lives.

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  1. Great post! I’ve experienced and been refreshed by your families wonderful hospitality. Thank you again!

    • Rick, we want to have you again. I heard about the parenting seminar AFTER tickets were sold out. Will be in touch to have you visit us again in White Rock soon. You inspired us ALL so much!!!

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