Coffee’s Hold on Me

“Go-Go-Samurai” is resounding in the background of this morning. I just spent a few minutes, in my pyjamas watering the trees in the front lawn with my orange Fiesta coffee cup in hand. I spent my barefoot time with the hose thinking about the dandelions and dreaming about having less clover, less moss, less weeds […]

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Mary Jane, Coffee & U2

It was pouring rain. I’d been in a history lecture, then a tutorial, all morning. I needed nourishment AND coffee. I had just dropped a class that I had really been looking forward to, but didn’t realize that 12 graduate school credits in your first term  – especially after being mostly in bed for the […]

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Grumpy Mummy

Sometimes I just want to stay in bed and drink coffee.

Sometimes I have to stay in bed and drink coffee.

Today, I just want to go back to sleep and dream that I’m a newlywed without house maintenance issues – children who punch caregivers – or pain.

Is it too much to ask?