a favorite song by U2 that was part of the reason for our first ever conversation

a major topic regarding why were both in THAT particular place at THAT particular time despite our personal physical health issues in our first ever conversation

something that is said before a meal, a type of blessing

the middle name of a whole lot of little girls that we know, and now the self-chosen middle name of our eldest daughter

an undeserved gift

the children we’ve cared for over the last ten years who are now scattered about as little ones, and not so little ones

the singing bird greeting me in the morning, the primo parking spot before I drive around looking for ANY parking spot, the little piece of chocolate that I thought I finished the night before when I could REALLY USE a bit of chocolate, the blessed drive-thru Starbucks near our house, baby smiles just when you need them, toddler cuddles just when you need them, tween help without asking, a teen telling me to take a nap…all the scattered graces throughout a day that show Divine Love to me

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